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Urbane Essence is a lot more than that. 


The brand Urbane-Essence goes a few steps beyond its literal meaning to perpetuate the spirit of the new-age India by redefining the new normal- The new age India that thrives on body inclusivity and debunking of societal norms and judgements. The new age India that confides in the freedom of dressing up. 


Saree, no doubt, is one of the oldest forms of clothing in India that dates back to the period of Indus Valley Civilization that flourished around 2800 BC in the Indian subcontinent.


The six yards of pure elegance which used to be 8-9 yards in length back then was cordially embraced by the rich culture of ancient India and later became the quintessential clothing for women in the country. 

But this profound love for sarees saw a massive fall when its western counterparts were introduced in the country. Women would choose comfort over elegance. The sarees would sit hopelessly in the wardrobes of modern women collecting dust for years waiting for that once in a blue moon moment. 

Urbane Essence has been founded by the mother-daughter duo, who are extremely fond of Sarees & very fascinated by their quintessence, effortlessness and versatility. Through this platform, they are  keen on celebrating the timelessness of this attire by making it mainstream once again, just like every other outfit in our wardrobes, because why not? 

When not thinking about sarees, Prerna is a photographer and a poetry connoisseur – you may often spot poetic hints in some of her collections. Besides, she loves travelling and has travelled widely in India & abroad. In fact, that’s where she draws her inspiration from.  

Kalpana is a creative genius who has also travelled widely & she is on the move most of the times. A knack for fabric and designs followed by the profound love for Indian traditions and culture inspired her to pursue her long-lost ambition of starting a venture of her own. Extremely positive and modern in her outlook, she nurtures people and her passion with unconditional love.

In a nutshell, the duo believes anyone can drape the six yards of elegance, anytime, anywhere in any way they want to. 

It’s about time to rekindle the spirit of Saree!