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Africa-Madhubani Fusion Tussar Saree

Africa-Madhubani Fusion Tussar Saree

For the first time in the history of sarees, the Africa-famous animal Zebra has been painted using the Madhubani art in the Tussar saree. This saree has been fetched from Bhagalpur where most of Tussar production in India takes place. It has been done individually by a woman artist, in Bihar and it took her about 30 days to paint this Zebra, the animal that dominates the land of the wild, Africa! 


This form of art will connect you back to your roots, your ancestors and your lineage! With this saree, we have retained the classic and blend it with trends. If you own an 'Urbane Essence' saree, it is your ancetry that gets passed on to you!

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