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Africa-Madhubani Fusion Tussar Saree, the Canvass Of Culture!

As a child I was always very fascinated by the animals and I am probably one of the rare ones who still loves animals. My favourite leisure is to go to jungles, spend time there or go for safari. When I started my brand, I knew I wanted to do something with animals in my designs. So, when I was doing my research on Madhubani paintings, I realised that the most popular motifs they used were fish, elephants and peacocks. 

At Urbane Essence, I combined my love for animals and Madhubani paintings. Me and my artists, we worked with some of the animal designs never used in Madhubani like Zebra, Horse, Squirrel and more. This gave birth to our signature product, Africa-Madhubani fusion saree. This is the rarest moment in the history of Madhubani paintings that people can see a hint of Africa…and it has also become one of our most popular sarees.It is now being considered a true masterpiece that transcends geographical boundaries…

African-Madhubani Fusion symbolises the coming together of different cultures and the celebration of diversity. The saree is a beautiful representation of cross-cultural artistic collaboration. It effortlessly blends tradition with contemporary style, reflecting versatility. This is why this saree can be styled on various occasions ranging from formal events to cultural celebrations. 

Born in the Mithila region of Bihar, Madhubani sarees have gained popularity over the years for their beautiful designs and colours and storytelling abilities. Our signature product, African-Madhubani Fusion Tussar Saree has become a unique variation to the basic Madhubani sarees, highlighting a blend of Indian and African influence.

Do you want to know why you should purchase our Signature Product, Africa-Madhubani Fusion Tussar Saree?

  • Fabric: Tussar silk (wild silk) is the main fabric used in crafting Madhubani sarees, which is known for its rich texture, durability, and natural shine

  • Design: The saree has a fusion of Madhubani art with African motifs, highlighting details and bold patterns of two diverse cultures

  • Colour Palette: The saree’s colour palette is majorly dominated by rich earthy tones, bright blues, fiery reds, and deep greens, which create an eye-catching contrast.

  • Motifs: The traditional Madhubani designs like peacocks, fish, and geometric patterns have been replaced with African elements or wildlife motifs

  • Handcrafted: Every saree is handcrafted by skilled artists who bring years of expertise and passion to their work. It takes an artist about 30 days to paint one saree and finish it.  

"Each motif tells a story, each fold whispers tradition,” Join us in preserving this treasured art form and celebrating the rich cultural heritage of India through the mesmerising beauty of Madhubani paintings. 

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